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NEASE Volleyball Important Dates

Important dates 2017

The following are important dates to remember for the upcoming season:

JULY 25th-28th– Nease volleyball camp at Nease high school gym from 6-8 pm daily. All returning Varsity and JV players are required to be at camp to assist with drills and will be assigned as a big sister to a camper.

JULY 31st- Parent meeting for all girls trying out 5 pm. All paperwork must be turned in before participation in tryouts. 

JULY 31st- August 1st- Tryouts from 6-8 pm. Results will be posted before practice on the 2nd of August. ALL tryouts and practices are closed to parents unless otherwise agreed upon by the coach.

August 2nd- Practice begins, Monday through Friday for Junior Varsity from 5:00-6:30 pm and Varsity from 6-8 pm.

August 4th- Parent meeting for Freshman, JV and Varsity teams 5:00 pm.

August 5th- Team volunteer project with the YMCA of Florida’s Frist Coast, meet at the Brooks YMCA 10423 Centurion Parkway North | Jacksonville, FL 32256. All players will attend unless they are at orientation for Nease. Meet up time is 6:45 a.m. no exceptions!

August 6th- Team pictures at Mickler’s beach, schedule is 9:00 am Varsity, 9:30 am Junior Varsity,

10:00 am Freshmen.

August 10th- Freshmen practice begins from 4:00-5:15 Mon-Thurs.

August 18th-19th- Preseason Tournament for Varsity at Sandalwood high school, time TBD.

August 21stSeason begins!

2017 Schedules

Here are the schedules for the 2017 Season. You can also find them under the game schedule tab.

Nease 2017 Schedule

Nease 2017 Bus Schedule


8/18       TBD                    Varsity ONLY@ Sandalwood

8/22       5:00/6:00/7:00    Creekside HS@ Nease ALL 3 Teams

8/24       5:30/6:30            Ponte Vedra@ Ponte Vedra HS

8/26       9:00am               Creekside@  Creekside (Freshman Tournament)

8/28       5:30                    Bolles@ Nease (Junior Varsity)

8/29       5:30/6:30            Ed White* (District)@ Ed White

8/31       5:30/6:30            Englewood*(District)@ Nease

9/7         5:30/6:30            St. Augustine*(District)@ Nease

9/11       5:30/6:30            Bartram@ Bartram

9/12       5:30/6:30             St. Augustine@  St. Augustine

9/15     TBD                       River City Classic H.S. Tournament@ JJVA (Varsity)

9/16     TBD                       River City Classic H.S. Tournament@ JJVA (Varsity)

9/17     TBD                       River City Classic H.S. Tournament@ JJVA (Varsity)

9/18       5:30/6:30             Atlantic Coast@ Atlantic Coast

9/21       6:00-7:00             Middleburg  * (District)@ Nease

9/22       5:30/6:30             Sandalwood HS @ Sandalwood

9/23       TBD                      Middleburg  @ Middleburg HS Freshman Tournament

9/26       5:30/6:30             Flagler Palm Coast@ Nease

9/29       TBD                     Bolles  Tournament@ Bolles HS (Varsity)

9/30       TBD                     Bolles  Tournament@ Bolles HS (Varsity)

10/7       TBD                     Conference Tourney Varsity @ JJVA

10/7       TBD                     JV ONLY @ JJVA (End of Season)

10/16     6pm                     Districts (4 vs 5) St. 8/ine @ St. Augustine

10/17     5:30/7:30              Districts (2 vs 3) and (1 vs 4/5 winner)@  St. Augustine

10/19     7pm                     TBD-District Final @St. Augustine


Summer Camp 2017

Campers posing on day 1!Please read carefully to register your player for summer camp.

2017 Camp Registration





Meal sponsor

Nease Volleyball would like to thank Moe’s for providing a pre-game meal for our players.